Step 1: Convert to Zip File

Once your data has been error-checked, each shapefile must be converted into a zip file for uploading. You will need a utility (such as the freely available 7-zip) to do this conversion, then simply run the utility, making sure to include all of the files associated with each zip file in the output. For example, a single shapefile might contain the following files: 

  • Survey_area.shp
  • Survey_area.dbf
  • Survey_area.shx
  • Survey_area.sbx
  • Survey_area.sbn
  • Survey_area.prj

Zipped, the shapefile would simply look like:

Step 2: Upload Your File

When you reach the upload page, browse for your shapefiles, then select the type of shapefile from the drop-down list. 

Step 3: Set Geographic Extent

Choose your desired output extents for the PO map. This area should be no greater than 0.5 degrees in width or height (longitude or latitude). For example, the maximum extents could be:
  • Minimum X coordinate: -115.75 degrees longitude
  • Maximum X coordinate: -114.25 degrees longitude
  • Minimum Y coordinate: 46.4 degrees latitude
  • Maximum Y coordinate: 46.9 degrees latitude
To upload files, you must go to the POmap Interface Website: 

Create a New PO Map


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